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    The Artists Project, formerly known as The Starving Artists Project, captures press portrait photography. This project provides press photo sessions for celebrities and then donates the rest of the day for artists, musicians, actors, or anyone in need of portrait photography, all on a donation basis. If attendees cannot afford to pay anything The Artists Project will provide press photography for free. This project uses the leverage of brands and celebrities to help get photography to Starving Artists. These press photos are taken in Los Angeles, CA in the home of the projects founder Michael Bezjian who is a Getty Images contributing photographer. Bezjian not only photographs celebrities, which are referred to as Posing Heroes, but artists who have not yet broken into their careers, referred to by this project as the Artists.

    “We don’t want their money. We will also set people up if they can’t afford transportation.”[1]
    – Michael Bezjian
    The SAP Founder

    The Artists Project also offers internships to those interested in gaining experience with photographymedia coverageproductionvideography, stylizing, editinggraphic designingprofessional hair and make-up, and all umbrella aspects of the project and its respective industry, entertainment. This project launched about 18 months ago and is gaining momentous exposure in the entertainment community. Recently an article written in LA WEEKLY provides an ambiance for the project [2]

    In 2014 press photographer Michael Bezjian started The Artists Project out of his house in Los Angeles, California.
    In 2015 The Artists Project has had three additional articles describing what the project does and can do for both Celebrities and Artists.[3][4][5] As of July 2015 there have been over 500 artists helped as stated on their website.[6]

    In early 2016 Comedian Denise Vasquez met with The Artists Project to receive photography, and experience a portrait session. She met with Producer and Photographer Tasia Wells for a Q&A session.[7]


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