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    My good friend Michael Bezjian, a brilliant portrait and event photographer for, has come up with a wonderful way to help up and coming artists afford their new promo shots.

    As actors’ head shots need to be updated frequently, due to a change in his or her look or the need for several different images to cover various aspects of his or her career, photos can get very expensive for a struggling artist.

    The Starving Artist Project is a twice a month event, held at Michael Bezjian’s home studio, where he provides the photography, hairstylist, make-up artist, a fashion stylist with racks of clothing and a post photo editor.  The artist, in turn,  pays whatever they can afford for their photography.  Cool, right?  Michael is able to do this for struggling artists as, the morning of the scheduled day, he brings in a celebrity for a portrait shoot and later posts the images on, where they are sold. This pays for his staff, and allows him to continue the day, shooting anyone who needs a photo for a very nominal fee, if not for free.  “Pay what you can” is Michael’s motto and the mission statement behind this project.

    To learn more about The Starving Artist Project, visit their FB page at:


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